Could Suncream be a Cause of Alzheimer's Disease?

  A research group at the University of Ulster are investigating a possbile link between nanoparticels such as those found in suncream and Alzheimer’s disease. Professor Vyvyan Howard (toxicologist) and Dr Christian Holscher (expert in Alzheimer’s disease) have been awarded £350,000 to investigate any link that may present itself between nanoparticles and neurodegenerative disorders. There is [...]

The International Journal of Nanomedicine

The International Journal Of Nanomedicine is a peer-reviewed journal , which encompasses applications of nanotechnology in drug delivery, diagnostics and therapeutics. Highlighting the emerging field of medical nanotechnology the journal reports research and development in areas where there are potential clinical applications for the prevention and treatment of disease. Currently the IJN is obtainable as [...]

Nano-magnets as Roadmap from Stem Cells to Damaged Tissue

A new technique for targeting stem cells towards sites of cardiovascular injury has been developed at UCL. This technique would increase the regeneration of the damaged tissues. The technique involves targeting endothelial progenitor cells have been magnetically tagged with an iron containing agent. The progenitor cells can then be directed towards the damaged arterial cells [...]

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