What is NanoMedicine?

In essence Nano medicine is the application of Nanotechnology in Medicine, which can also be termed Medical Nanotechnology.

Nano Meidcine describes the highly specific treatment of disease at the molecular level.

Nanotechnology has many perspective applications in Medicine ranging from nano-silver paint for bacterial growth prevention to medical imaging and treatment of disease.

There are very exciting new techniques being developed to utilize nanotechnology to treat a multitude of diseases. Notably there is a large amount of research being conducted into techniques for targeted drug delivery.
Nano medicine is the next step in medical advancement allowing the treatment of disease at the cellular level. This would allow treatments to be as non-invasive as possible whilst at the same time only affecting diseased areas of the body.

Bright green/yellow showing cancer drug entering a cancerous cell from purdue.edu

There are still many problems to be addressed in terms of disease treatment. Nano medicine provides a new avenue for developing ways of combating these stumbling blocks. For instance for many ailments surgery is an inevitability, but surgery can be very damaging to the body. Many patients may have complications after surgery or reductions in quality of life. With Nanotechnology it may be possible to treat disease in a non-invasive way. A prime example of this is the treatment of tumors with a reduction in side-effects, through the development of targeted drug delivery systems negating the need for the poison, slash and burn techniques currently used in medicine for their treatment.

Nano Medicine is a hugely interdisciplinary field with the need for collaboration between many disciplines in science to aid the implementation of novel Nanotechnologies in medicine. – CT


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